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About generator

Need a word for charades, random words to practice improvisation, or need a random word for any other reason? You are in the right place. Random word generator is exactly the tool you are looking for.

The generator is equipped with several options. First of all you can choose the category of the word - there are over 20 available. You can also choose number of drawn words, how many letters they should consist of and starting letter. By default words don't repeat, but you can change this by checking the "duplicates" option. Speaker option allows the text to be read by the built-in speech synthesizer, and thanks to the auto change switch you don't have to press the button to draw next word (the default time interval is 4 seconds). Number of columns (not available in the mobile version) allows you to conveniently divide the text into columns so it's ready for printing.

Possible applications

Word games

Word generator is an excellent tool for all kinds of word games. It works well as a word randomizer in charades, pictionary and other games based on word guessing. It can also serve as a hint in games which require finding words that meet certain criteria, e.g. words beginning with a given letter.

Writing practice

Pick a few random words and create a short story around them. Or put all those words in one paragraph. The next level of difficulty might be to put them in the same paragraph and in the same order in which they were drawn. Challenges like these are great training for writers.

Creativity training

To stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, you can draw several words and try to find the best association for them. You also could try to find an association to the drawn word as soon as possible - the auto change option comes in handy here. Such exercises stimulate our creativity.


The generator can also serve rappers. The freestyle category contains words and phrases suitable for a freestyle session. It is useful to set auto change and speaker so you don't have to click the button all the time.

Acting and standup improvisation

Actors and standup artists can use the generator to practice improvisation. Draw an emotion and try to act it out. Draw a word and create a scene or a joke around it.

Your own, unique application

There are as many possible applications as there will be unique users of this site, so consider the examples above primarily as inspiration and a starting point. If you have another idea of what to use the randomly generated words for, let only your imagination limit you!